Good/Poor typography

Good typography

Pleasant House Bakery is simple site with good readability. Line-height in this example is more than 1.5 (probably 1.7) but it seems acceptable. On site it is used just serif font-family (in heading, menu and body) font with different font-styles (normal/bold/italic). Hierarchy of headings made correctly: from large size of main heading (“About”) to small secondary (“hours”, “location” etc).

Targetscope – site of marketing agency with memorable design and typography. They use retro style of fonts and with associated design in complex it looks  wholeness. I’m not sure about the height of the letters (they are too low), but probably it is original retro style.

Women on business – classic news site. Clear, light site with good readability (large margin between each paragraph). Site uses sans-serif font-family in all parts (heading, main content, menu). Probably, sans-serif looks more soft, because it is a site for women. This site has problem with very small spacing between main heading and first paragraph (not on screenshot, but on another pages).

Poor typography

Four Worlds Bakery – site with good readability, but also with careless using of typography (link’s colors mainly). This site uses different font-styles of links for important and VERY important ones (normal and bold style respectively). Also site doesn’t use different size for sub-heading and it is difficult to understand where a new subsection starts (i.e. try to find “Latest Press”).
Slade 40 years – typical example of the unprofessional fan-site of music group. There is nothing about “good typography”. Clear pure white color of the letter hurts the eyes on the black background. Other mistake: in body text uses text-align: center. Sub-heading (in the end of screenshot) has too small margin before a main text block.

Killers fan-site – another music fan-site. But in addition to the above there is diversity of colors. Even and too high margins between date and text in block “Latest news” make misunderstanding “which date to which event”. And on the contrary too low line-height in the main menu makes it difficult to read the text (if we don’t count too bright colors).