Good/poor color schemes

Good color schemes

1. ModCloth (

This website uses pastel soft colors like blue, peach, coral and also mixed shadows of them for related elements. Blue and coral are complimentary colors and using them together makes wholeness result. Important notice: used colors at this site are not fully saturated.

2.Site of London Jazz Festival (

Principally, site is created in black-gray-white color scheme with some bright spots (purple and red). Site about festival includes most relevant information about all events (approx. 250) that is why design should provide support and shouldn’t pull over attention for itself. In my opinion, these serious and calm colors are good for theme of  jazz festival site.

3.Bouchnon bakery (

This site with 2 complimentary colors: warm intense brown and fresh light mint. It’s interesting that first site in this article has the similar color scheme (red and blue-green), but the look is totally different. I like developers decision about green color: first hue used like background (light mint with high opacity) and second one used like border (intense green). Overall, this natural color scheme is a good choice for bakery site because these colors associate with cosiness and warmth.

Poor color scheme

1.Joy of backing (

Site color scheme mainly consists of white and blue/light brown complimentary colors without any hues; and also we can easily find orange, red, green, gray colors (if we don’t count colors of all photos). Overall, with plenty of colors it is very poor “bald” site without strongly marked and memorable design. And it is hard to understand where to look first.

2. Versailles home textile (

Dark gloomy poor color scheme with only one adding color – yellow/gold. I think that the main idea of this site  is to create conception about luxury and magnificence. But it doesn’t work. And it looks like cheap quick and premature color scheme. 3. Alushta International Workshop (…Alushta2012/index.htm)

Site with explosion of colors! Green, red. purple, blue, yellow colors don’t work together and user doesn’t know where to look first. Also another disadvantage of this color scheme is using of fully saturated colors without any hues.


Useful notes about XHTML (classwork 03)

-          Always close tags (pairs and single). Tag <br/>.

-          Always use only lowercase.

-          All image elements must have scr(source), alt (text alternative), and some attributes with quoted value (e.g. width, hight). Example of the correct form: <img src=“photo.jpg” width=“40” height=“40” alt=“Name of Photo” />.

-          By default all numeral values are in pixels if another meaning (cm, em etc) isn’t mention.

-          There are 3 types of links: Continue reading

3 design objects. Part 2 “Camera Lens Cup”.

- it looks like a real camera lens. All details are carefully worked out.

- rubberized outside of the cup: comfortable to drink.

- coaster could be used like a place for cookies.

- I have this one)


3 design objects. Part 1 “Bus stop”.

bus_stop_signBus stop sign, in my opinion, is a great example of good laconic design. Short view – and you instantly get all necessary information.

-          Pure red color.  It always attracts your attention.

-          Simple lines of unforgettable shape: only circle and row.

-          Clear, strong information without ads or something common. You always know towards what main point this bus goes. Continue reading